Friday, March 24, 2006

Book Club: The Bridge Is Love Question 8

Some readers have described this book as "entertaining," "enjoyable," "heartwarming." In your view, is this accurate? How have the author and the characters put a positive spin on a book about a child's death?


  1. For parents who have lost a child, this should be a "heartwarming and healing" book. For parents who have not, I can see where they might conclude that it is "entertaining" or "enjoyable". (I personally doubt if the latter would read the book, except as an assignment. For the others this is most commendable reading.)

  2. I Mayhall12:15 PM

    I read the book so I could better understand what my (married into) family went through. It did give me a much better picture of the family; I cried through the entire first chapter. Although not necessarily a good book to read at bedtime (as I did), it was enjoyable and heartwarming nonetheless.