Friday, March 24, 2006

Book Club: The Bridge Is Love Question 7

From the scant references provided, what picture emerges of Bill's (father) grief work, and how did it differ from that of the mother?


  1. Since Bill did not elect to collaborate in the book, even if he was asked to, and since I do not know him as well as the author, this is a difficult question.

    Is it fair to assume that fathers in general do not relate to grief as deeply, or at least in the same way as mothers? The most salient issue, as I see it, is that a mother's symbiotic relationship with a child binds her more emotionally to the life of that individual.

  2. I Mayhall12:12 PM

    What I got from Bill's grief, including the bit that I know him, is that his way of dealing with it was to do what needed to be done. He supported Cheron in her grief, moving through the stages with her, and worked hard on the memorial playground. I think that perhaps this is how he best deals with those types of traumas.