Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Alumni Ups His Game As Basketball Coach

By Berkley Holzschuh '14

Lindsay Strothers ‘80 has a tremendous passion for coaching basketball, which has contributed to his amazing success story.

As a Pacific alumnus, Strothers acknowledges that Pacific was the basis of his achievements. “Pacific prepared me for life,” said Strothers. “When I left I was prepared for any career. I learned to plan and prepare, trouble shoot and work with people.”

Since then Strothers has been coaching and mentoring student athletes from Oregon to California. He has coached a multitude of winning teams such as St. Mary’s Academy, University of Southern California, Chapman University, and other state and nationally ranked programs.

In 1999 Lindsay founded The Basketball Institute where their goal is “to teach players how to prepare for life through the development of their basketball skills.” Strothers started this after seeing a “need for young people to have qualified instruction in both skill and speed and power training.”

Currently, as the head coach of the girls basketball program at Westview High School, Strothers encourages prospective coaches to “meet as many coaches as you can. Find out whose philosophy fits with you and find a way to work and learn with them.”

Lindsay Strothers believes that intention is the most important characteristic any coach can have. As he amplifies intention in all areas of his life, Strothers’ story as a successful Pacific alumnus continues.