Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Notes from Under the Oaks | February 2014

For an alumnus from rural eastern Washington or from Leeward Oahu the answer might be “because Pacific changed my life.”
For our 2,356 alumni couples the answer might be “because I met my love at Pacific.”
As an alumna, before coming to work for Pacific, my answer might have been summed up with the previous two responses. Now, after seven years as an employee, I’ve gotten to know this place even better. I now can’t answer this question without acknowledging the many ways our students and alumni aspire to make the world better.
For the students in Dental Health Science who are preparing to Give Kids a Smile later this spring or Optometry students preparing for spring break in Costa Rica with Amigos the answer might pertain to making kids healthier. These are just two examples of dozens of service-based, life-changing programs supported by our students and alumni.
Photo from the Dental Health Science program "Give Kids a Smile"
I believe all Universities possess the power to transform lives, but each place has deeply meaningful stories attached. (I'm also a tad biased in believing Pacific has more of these stories than other Universities).
For example Michael Sproyles ’15 tells a story of participating in the Speech and Debate team and finding incredible confidence.
Jackie Mrachek ’00, PT ’03 tells a story of developing necessary skills at Pacific which she now uses to help build confidence in others.
David Cook OD ’78 found the inspiration for a novel along with the ability to give the gift of sight.
Mike Geraci ’91 tells us about the coaches, faculty and staff at Pacific truly believe in students.
I’d love to hear your story. Did Pacific change you? Did your time here allow you the opportunity to improve the lives of others? How do you answer the question, “why Pacific?”
Send us your story and, as always, don’t hesitate to contact us if we can be of assistance.
Best wishes,
Martha Calus-McLain ‘03
Director of Alumni Relations | | 503-352-2764

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