Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A New Face to Alumni Relations

Moshofsky on her "first day of school"
By Ginger Moshofsky

After a week and a half at Pacific University I am energized and excited at the world of possibilities I see before me. 

I am enjoying the planning for Forest Grove STAR (Student Teacher Alumni Reception), Golden Guard Luncheons, PUB Nights, spirit nights, speed networking, reunions and the mother of all events, Homecoming. 

Not only do I love this process, working on these events and more, but I know in the future I will have the opportunity to meet so many people that I anticipate will become good friends.

I so appreciate that I have been so kindly welcomed. People have gone out of their way to make me feel comfortable. Both Martha and Rachael have spent their time getting me up to speed on the events, processes, directions and information I need to know.

What do I bring to the table? I am a graduate of Lewis and Clark College where I studied English and theater. I studied overseas in Italy, France and Russia. I still speak a little Italian but unfortunately my Russian and French are rusty. Interested in languages, I also spent three years studying American Sign Language and am still conversant in Sign.

I have been an event planner since I left college, first for an arts festival, then the March of Dimes, an elementary school, Borders (the now defunct book store) and Reed College. I am a founding board member of Mask and Mirror Community Theater and love all situations where I can wear a costume and ham it up a bit.

I feel ready to take on this new challenge and as an event planner, it is a special privilege to be able to do an event more than once. I look forward to retaining the elements of the events that everybody loves and hopefully add a few new ones of my own. Please come by and introduce yourself. We are upstairs in the Abbott Center and would love to see you.

Moshofsky is the Assistant Director of Alumni Relations and can be reached at ginger@pacificu.edu or 503-352-2828.

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