Thursday, October 11, 2012

For the Spirit of Boxer

By Kenneth Colman '84 

My memories of Boxer flashes with Boxer II include mobs of students struggling to get the Boxer for themselves or their groups’ keeping. There was an energy on campus following a flash that helped make me realize I was part of a special place.

It brought students together sometimes in ways they would never have before. It took planning and organizing to get Boxer and have him in a safe place before another was able to.Once in possession, there were many nights in McCormick Hall where we would plan flashes to create a buzz of Boxer pride across campus. It was a way to bring crowds to sporting events and have a pride in black and red.

I just read a history of Boxer, and how he came to campus the first time and how the tradition of Boxer grew over the years. You can read that history here:

Boxer was made and created in China brought and made as a gift in the late 1890’s. Boxer, I believe, triggers the very spirit of Pacific University and connects us to those who brought this tradition to Pacific 112 years ago. Every flash and every scrub to be the possessor of Boxer has built a pride and memories of our years at Pacific University. So as Boxer, or a piece of Boxer returns to campus, we need to remember that we are all connected to this long tradition of Boxer pride. Our education and our years at Pacific have taken us all over the world to continue to learn and give to the world working at making it a better place.

For those who have had a chance to have Boxer, you know what I am talking about, for those who long to hold and flash Boxer your time will come. We all need to remember that we are connected to a long tradition where Boxer has watched over many alumni all over the world in many different situations.

I would like to think that as each one of us has gotten our diplomas, moved out into the world using the gifts of learning to think for ourselves and creating better places wherever we are, we have Boxer watching over us.

May the pride and the spirit live on in all of us.

Colman '84 is a member of the Alumni Association Board of Directors and currently lives in Washington state. 

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