Friday, June 08, 2012

Four Years Fly By

Brynteson '08
By Meredith Brynteson '08

It is crazy to believe that my career as a student at Pacific University was completed almost four years ago. 

May 2012 marked the moment the I’ve been a staff person as long as I was a student. 

During these years, I have seen so many different facets of Pacific. Some of my most vivid memories include crying during new student orientation, meeting some of my closest friends and connecting with professors that I still see around campus.

One thing that I was not aware of during my time as a student was just how much alumni of Pacific University care about this place. As alumni we care about sports teams making it to the playoffs and student research that is being conducted. We also care about the experience that each student has while they are here. 

When I meet up with college friends, we always find ourselves reliving the memories we created in Forest Grove. One of the most fulfilling experiences I’ve had as an alumna has been my ability to actively influence the student experience today. While I was a student I received a variety of scholarships that allowed me to have such an incredible experience. Now, I make a monthly donation to Pacific to help current students have the same memorable time that I did.

A classmate stopped by my office the other day and we got to talking about writing our history theses. We reminisced about long hours in the library and the feeling once we’d presented at Senior Projects Day. Although, at the time, those were some anxiety filled memories, they are fond ones thinking about them almost four years later. 

It’s easy to forget how many people helped me along the way to graduation. Parents, professors, siblings, significant others were all there for us. One group not often remembered are those alumni supporters. Each alumnus that donated to Pacific during my time helped me get to graduation and to where I am today. So thank you to those alumni who helped me become who I am today and here’s to the next generation of Pacific University alumni!

Brynteson '08 is the Assistant Director of Annual Giving at Pacific University. She graduated from Pacific with a degree in history and a minor in political science. Brynteson then earned a masters degree in Organizational Leadership from Gonzaga University in 2010. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, working out and French bulldogs.

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