Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tutorial on How to Make Lotion

 Miranda Mueller '04

Although I do sell my soaps and luscious lotions at market (and online!), I thought it would be nice to share a tutorial with my readers and other folks looking to live more sustainably and frugally.

Making lotion isn't difficult, it IS messy. You can use 'emulsifying wax' but it is NOT all natural.

My mission to fill our kitchen and bathroom cupboards with all homemade products is not just for frugality or self sustainability, but also to transition to as many all natural products as possible to further enhance our health and hygiene as well as the health of the environment.

Less packaging purchased is less waste in the landfill, fewer chemicals used on our bodies leads to increased health and less toxic runoff into the environment, and the fewer things I have to buy at the store helps my bank account stay more robust.

On top of all of that - knowing how to make your own lotion, soap, tooth powder, jam, bread, etc leads to a more satisfied living experience: I'm no longer limited to what scents or flavors are available in the store because I can create recipes suited to my palette and need.

Slathering my hands with homemade lemongrass lotion isn't just delightful smelling, but fills me with pride. Keep Reading at An Austin Homestead.

Mueller '04 maintains a blog dedicated to promoting frugal and sustainable living and her many other passions.  By trade and passion, Miranda is a children's book illustrator and artist. She lives in Austin, Texas where she has vegetable and herb gardens in her front yard, a gourd arbor, compost heap, chickens and a dog. She utilizes as many homegrown ingredients as she can in her cooking and craftsmanship, and loves teaching people how to live frugally and in sync with the planet and seasons. She also sells her handcrafted soaps and other body products at local farmers markets and online.

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